Localizing Scripts In WordPress

The title of this post translates to “passing data from PHP files to JavaScript files in WordPress development environment”. This can be done by using a function called wp_localize_script in WordPress.

In this example, $script_atts is being passed to the JS file as “settings”. It is then passed to the in-place executing function in test.js as “window.settings” and finally used as “settings” within the JS function.

Let’s say you have a JS file called test.js located at assets/js/tests.js and some PHP file located in the root directory of your project.


If you’d like pass some array (say script-atts) to test.js, you can do so in three steps:

  • Register the script:
    • wp_register_script( script_label, script_location )
  • Localize the script:
    • wp_localize_script( script_label, data_label, the_actual_data )
  • Enqueue the script:
    • wp_enqueue_script( script_label )


Then finally it can be used in test.js as follows:

  • By creating a function that accepts window.data_label as one of its arguments (where data_label is what we labelled or named the data in wp_localize_script function).


The JS example I used in my notes above demonstrates a function that executes in place.

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