Tags VS Categories In WordPress

I’ve always been confused with tags and categories in WordPress. I know what they are but I always found myself conflicted between what to use to organize my content in the best possible way.

I finally figured that I can leave categories alone for now and just move my focus completely on tagging my posts.

This will help me stop putting myself in a box. I can instead just keep writing about things and keep tagging them. This would eventually build a tag cloud and I’d start seeing patterns. I could then use those patterns to create categories.

Tags are more powerful than categories

I learned this while using Evernote, where instead of creating new notebooks, I simply started tagging each note with the relevant tags that came to my mind. The end result? My notes started to become well organized and easy to access.

For instance, I can just click on the tag paper to view anything that resembles a paper or click on receipts if I want to be more granular with my search.


I don’t know whether this is the best system but it works for me. What do you think about it? How do you use tags vs categories on your WP site. Let me know in the comments below!

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